The Legacy of Equity

A Transformational healing and personal development education in recovery, law and life.

Authenticating Sovereigntya recovery program.
Empowering you, the convictions of your Living Will and establishing your Personal Constitution, by guiding you through the rediscovery of who you are.

We are all born Noble

Sovereignty is the free exercise of Liberty

Constitutional Living a course on law and liberty.
Putting the power of the law into your hands and wielding it in every day life through an education in Law.

Liberty is a Labor

Morality is Freedom

Developing your perspective on life, the love of liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the age of enlightenment.

The Sovereign

The Sovereign is a healthy and whole, developed, moral individual.

The Executive / Executor – Executrix.

The Principle / Prince – Princess.

Some of the fundamental characteristics of the Sovereign are:

Personally Responsible and Self Accountable, possessing moral integrity in character and in relationship with one’s own nature, congruent with their values,
self and situationally aware, of sound mind and body, creative and in touch with instinct and intuition, self sacrificing, self disciplined and a disciple of the spiritual path and relationship with God and the holy spirit of divinity, an individual with a common sense of natural rights and ownership, a reverence for honor and duty, dignity and grace, meditation and prayer, and more…

The absolute foundations of sovereignty in law and life are:

  1. self determination, your decision making authority
  2. self governance, your mental, emotional and behavioral self control
  3. capacity, your ability to learn and do, develop and mature
  4. competency, your results based performance

There is no other bottom.

The sovereign is:

On a path of self discovery, seeking truth and wisdom to establish principles and identity, purpose and meaning, vision and values, health and wellness of being, a relationship with God, leadership and fellowship

A healing and growing person, developing knowledge of self, security and dignity within their ownership of life.


  • presence
  • humility
  • transparency
  • confidence
  • compassion
  • organized
  • directing a plan
  • exercising control
  • creating

Cleansed and Purified in thinking, emotions, behaviors and beliefs – in their soul.

Liberated from shame and insecurity, fear and resentment, has accepted and surrendered their ego, arrested the false self, transformed from the wisdom of pain, walking the path with clean hands and good faith.

A natural soundness of mind and body – temporal and corporal – psychological and physiological.

Liberty is a Labor, freedom is Morality and freedom is responsibility.

The ability to become self aware, expand your consciousness and change your behaviors with new information is intelligence.
It’s the capacity for humility, to discover one’s own self and Un-learn the falsities of who you are, Re-educate yourself and redefine your identity with your actions.

What you will learn:

  • Executorship, in both private and public applications in Constitutional and Statutory law, in both personal and professional capacity’s *rescinding unnecessary contracts that exploit your private estate and subject you to your waiver of natural Individual rights protected by the US Constitution
  • Money and Credit, Finance and Accounting, Private and Commercial Banking, Insurance and Investment laws, as it is relative to your private, personal estate property, tax filings *minimizing your voluntary tax liability or eliminating it completely
  • Administration of your private estate *securing your assets and separating the private from the public. So as to mitigate any public minimal contacts in equity and trust law
  • General in Command under the a Law of Armed Conflict, and both civil / criminal, and military strategist, as a pro-se and pro-per Attorney-at-Law
  • BOTH, how-to’s and the pre-requisite education that you need to know


Identity is by far the most valuable thing’s that I have a established as a foundation to what I teach through my philosophy in personal growth. I say, “principle-identity”, as oppose to the ego-identity or the shame-identity.

Everything is an extension of the principle, or in opposition, the false construct of who you are.

Either virtues that are true to who you are or false virtue.

We are all on this journey of self-discovery as human beings, seeking, finding, evolving and knowing who we are, still free to think, feel and characterize ourselves by our actions.

In recovery, and on a path of personal growth, we are liberating ourselves from a false construct of who we have become in a sick society.


Equity and value are synonymous.

Our individual value’s and what we find purpose and meaning in are comprised of many elements.

I guide my students with a series of educational fundamentals in my approach, to finding their own values, self worth, esteem, confidence and trust, re-establishing dignity and honor, grace, and reverence to re-establish standing.

Wellness of Being

We are multidimensional beings, living a human experience. The psyche and spiritual essence of our Consciousness, the I AM, can be identified in a comprehensive way.

Jesus Christ translation from it’s root meaning, means, the sacred union of the Masculine and Feminine, and breath of life, born and baptized through fire.

Amen is a blessing that means, The light on God that is within me, is also within you.

I guide my students with essential education in their understanding of psychological and spiritual health in a practical, easy to digest spiritual approach, as well as a series of principles taught by ascended masters through-out 1,000’s of years of spiritual practice, by the oldest religions and tradition’s available to us. It starts within the mind, the body and breath. The result is a developed character.

Health, Safety, Wealth, Security

Life, Liberty, Identity, Relationship, Happiness

About Me

My name is Mathias.
This is my life’s work.
I have 5 foundational pillars in my education and experience:

1) recovery
2) spirituality
3) personal growth
4) law
5) business

Personal Values

creativity, education, communication, relationship, justice

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Authenticating Sovereignty

We are all in Recovery from The Human Condition

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